Chapter 1 Review - Mind Melters
by RIS Mathematics Gr7
| 7 Questions
Today you are going to face a random assortment of quircky, cooky, mind-melting types of situations that will test your knowledge of absolute value and integer operations. You can work with a partner if you'd like, or you can listen to some music while working out your brain. Make sure for each problem that you are using either a whiteboard or your notebook! Do not, I repeat DO NOT, try to do these in your head. I don't want to have to call the psychiatric ward and tell them to expect a new patient!
Use the digits 1 to 6, at most one time each, to fill in the boxes so that top two sums are equal and the bottom sum has the greatest value. Show all of your work in your notebooks.
Make the smallest sum by filling in the boxes using the whole numbers 1-9 no more than one time each
Write the smallest sum below.
Using the numbers -5 to 5 at most once each and the guidelines below, write an expression in your notebook that will have the greatest absolute value.
What is the greatest absolute value possible? Can figure out how to come up with the least absolute value?
Using the numbers 1 to 9 at most once each time, fill in the blanks to make the equality true:
Find three numbers whose product is -64. You may use integers from -10 to 10. You may not use the same absolute value twice. Find all possible combinations.
Give at least three different examples where the quotient is undefined by filling in the boxes with whole numbers 0 through 9, using each number at most once for each example. Also, no number can be in the same location twice in the examples.
An equation is shown:
Given this equation, fill in the blanks below with the values: a, b, c, -a, -b, -c. Each variable can only be used multiple times and assume that none equal zero.
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