7.3A & 7.3B Formative
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Sasha spent $45.35 on party supplies for her birthay celebration. She bought 6 cans of spray silly string for $1.99 a can, 4 two liter bottles of soda at $1.29 each, and a cake for $15.99. She spend the rest on snacks. How much money did she spend on snacks?
Maria bought some fresh fruit at the grocery store. She bought 4.5 pounds of grapes for $1.67 a pound. What was the total cost of the grapes?
Terri, Sue, and Denise are going on a summer vacation. The house they are renting has a total cost of $876.48. They will use a $150 off coupon and split the remaining cost of the rental. Terri pays 5/8 of the remaining cost of the rental. Sue pays 1/4 of the remaining cost of the rental. Denise will pay the rest. How much will Denise pay?
Sam and his friend are going fishing for the weekend. They stopped to buy some fishing supplies. They bought 3 dozen minnows at $4.56 a dozen and 6 fishing lures at $2.98 each. Sam's friend gave him $20 to pay for half of the total cost of the supplies. How much change should Sam's friend recieve?
Sierra is buying material to make 7 quilts. Each quilt requires 2 1/3 yards of material. How many yards of material does Sierra need to buy?
16 yards
14 1/3 yards
16 1/3 yards
2 1/21 yards
Mr. Higgs is working in his yard over the weekend. He bought 12 packages of black mulch at $1.97 a bag, 15 bags of soil at $1.77 each and a bag of Bermuda seed for $25.98. His budget was $70. How much did he go over his budget?
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