Meet Mr. Jerad Evan Young
by Jerad Young
| 4 Questions
Whats up Dudes and Ladies?

My name is Mr. Jerad Evan Young. You can call me Mr. Jerad or Mr. Young, I answer to both. My Mother and blood reletives call me Jerad but friends call me Evan.

When I first started working in education my co workers and students started calling me Mr Jerad and the name stuck. Its kind of like Childeish Gambino and Donnald Glover are the same person.
Do you go by any other names or have a nickname with your friends or family?
This Is Raph! Raph is a Ninja Turtle toy that I confiscated from a student who was playing with it in class. I tried to giv it back to the student five diffrent times throughout the school year. However he refused to take it back because he "Stoped playing with kids toys." So I took it on an adventuer.

(Connection: Did you know that Raph is a nickname for Raphael?)
In one full sentence name three diffrent places Raph has been.

Explian in one or more full sentenances why you think the student didnt want his Ninja Turtle back?

Make an Infrance: What grade do you think the student was in?
What is a pissible clue in the text?

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