Grade 7 Mathematics 1.A.01- Exit Ticket
by Marcus Oubre
| 2 Questions
Watch the video of Tillman the English bulldog, the Guinness World Record holder for Fastest Dog on a Skateboard.
Tillman the English bulldog covered a 100-meter stretch of a parking lot in a time of 19.678 seconds! 100 meters is just a little longer than a football field (which measures 100 yards) and this record was recorded in 2009!
At the conclusion of the video, your classmate takes out his or her calculator and says, "Wow that was amazing! That means the dog went about 5 meters in 1 second!" Is your classmate correct, and how do you know?
After seeing this video, another dog owner trained his dog, Lightning, to try to break Tillman's skateboarding record. Lightning's fastest recorded time was on a 75-meter stretch where it took him 15.5 seconds. Based on this data, did Lightning break Tillman's record for fastest dog on a skateboard? Explain how you know.
From of the New York State Education Department. Grade 7 Mathematics Module 1, Topic A, Lesson 1. Internet. Available from; accessed 08/Sept/2015.
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