Multimedia Productions - Getting Started
by Courtney Wroblewski
| 6 Questions
What are you looking forward to working on most in Multimedia Productions this year? (You can choose both, if applicable.)
JH Video Announcements
JH Yearbook
When it comes to the JH Video Announcements, which position do you see yourself helping with the most?
Script Writer
News Reporter
Camera Man
What are your thoughts on last year's JH Yearbook? Please be honest. Did you like it and if so, specifically which section(s) did you like the best? If you didn't like it, what would you like to see changed? Are there any new sections you would like to see included in the Yearbook?
When it comes to the JH Video Announcements, what would you like to see changed or done differently? Are there any segments we should add or take away? Again, please be honest.
The JH Yearbook requires you to be available to attend after school sporting events to take pictures. What is your availability for this?
My schedule is completely open. I can stay after school any day of the week to take pictures.
I am only busy one or two nights a week. The rest of the week I am available to attend sporting events.
I am only available one night each week to take pictures.
I will not be available any night of the week. My schedule is completely full.
Every year we come up and organize a holiday video for the JH. Last year's video is above if you have not seen it or cannot remember what we did. What are your thoughts on this video? Did you like it? If not, what would you do differently? Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what we should do for a holiday video this school?
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