Quiz 1: S6E1.a Big Bang Theory
by Andrea Carter
| 5 Questions
The Big Bang refers to the origin of which of the following?
A. Earth
B. Our solar system
C. The Milky Way galaxy
D. The universe
What evidence supports the Big Bang Theory?
A. Earth orbits the Sun
B. Earth rotates on its axis
C. The universe is still constantly expanding
D. all objects in the universe is always growing
Scientists have documented that galaxies they observe seem to be moving farther away. Which concept best explains this?
A. Black holes, because an unseen force is pulling objects away from the center of the universe
B. Big Bang Theory, because the universe exploded from a single point in space and is always expanding
C. Gravitational force, because objects are being drawn toward the edges of the universe
D. Solar System because the mass of the Sun pushes other galaxies away
Evidence supports the idea that the universe has been expanding since its birth in the big bang. Consider a model of the universe shaped like an expanding round balloon. Where would you expect to find the oldest objects in this model of the universe?
A. At the edge of the balloon
B. At the center of the air in the balloon
C. Scattered randomly throughout the air in the balloon
D. Halfway between the center of the balloon and its edge
A. Dropping fragments of metal into a magnetized box
B. Turning on an underwater speaker in a water tank
C. Exploding a tightly packed substance inside a vacuum
D. Shaking sand particles in a mixture of oil and water
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