Taxonomy Post Quiz
by Chris Dominy
| 4 Questions
The gray squirrel, Eastern fox squirrel, and red squirrel are all different species of squirrels. Why is having a scientific name for each species of an organism important?
To prevent existing named organisms from having their names changed as they become extinct
To keep the classification system from being altered as new organisms are discovered
To allow organisms to be placed in many classification levels at the same time
To standardize the naming and organization of organisms to avoid confusion
Organisms are classified today using the Linnaean system, and the following table shows the taxonomic classification of two marine organisms living along the Pacific Coast.
Taxonomic classification is important to marine biologists because it provides a way to —
prove that marine evolution occurs
discover and name every marine organism on Earth
designate Latin as the universal language of marine biology
identify marine organisms and find evolutionary relationships between them
The classifications of four trees are shown in the table.
Which two trees are the most closely related?
Taiwan beech and Taiwan catkin yew
Taiwan catkin yew and lodgepole pine
Lodgepole pine and Japanese maple
Japanese maple and Taiwan beech
A student used a microscope to study four members of the phylum Ciliophora. Members of this phylum move when propelled by hundreds of tiny cilia.
Although these organisms belong to the same phylum, they are classified as different —
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