English IV CFA 5
by Sarah South
| 4 Questions
What is the “spark of hunger” that the speaker mentions in line 4?
One’s curiosity
One’s endless hunger
One’s will and desire to live
One’s health
How does the poet’s simile comparing “life’s ambitions” and “a faulty pilot light” contribute to the central idea of the poem?

Both eventually come to an end or die.
People’s lives bring light to others just like fire.
Fire brings individuals peace during struggles in life
A pilot light makes appliances run just like ambitions make humans run.
Part A: How does the speaker in the poem feel about death?
The speaker is uncertain and feels that death is unexpected and impossible to prepare for.
The speaker is scared and feels that death is uncertain and dying is unpredictable
The speaker is content and feels that death is a natural part of life.
The speaker is excited and feels that death is something to embrace and look forward to.
PART B: Which of the following details from the poem best supports the answer to Part A?
“even those whose fiery eccentricities seemed inextinguishable” ( Lines 5-7)
“we are left with the peace” ( Line 9)
“All the clocks are changed now.” ( Line 14)
“feeling our way out of the world” ( Lines 15-16)
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