Will You Drive an Electric Car One Day?
by Jann Gregory Haynes
| 7 Questions
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What are the central ideas supported by the selection?
Electric cars are cheaper to buy than gasoline-powered cars, and they can only go for 100 miles before recharging
Nissan will sell more gasoline-powered cars, and other car companies will stop making battery-powered cars in the future.
Electric cars have some limitations, and the U.S. government sees electric cars as a solution to the oil supply problem.
Tony Posawatz estimates that the price of oil will go up in the future due to population increases, and fewer vehicles will be on the road.
In the sentence below, what is the meaning of the phrase "kick the oil habit"?

"The cars may help Americans kick the oil habit one day."
get to use more oil
turn oil into gasoline
stop using so much oil
use oil only for important things
According to the selection, why does the author include information about the world's population today as compared to 2050?
to tell how popular the electric car will be in the future
to show that the increase in population does not matter
to explain that the population is not going to change
to describe the importance of reducing the demand for gas
What is the reason for the section titled "Charge It" in the selection?
to tell how much gasoline cars use
to explain challenges faced by electric cars
to state how cheap it can be to charge an electric car
to give a clear picture of what an electric car looks like
Based on the selection, why did the U.S. government give "billions of dollars to makers of electric cars" for development?
The use of gas-powered cars does not save the U.S. money like electric cars do.
The use of gas-powered cars is causing pollution to remain in our atmosphere.
The world's population is declining, so gas-powered cars may not be needed in the future.
The world's population is growing faster than the supply of available oil.
In paragraph 4, what is the meaning of the sentence below?

"But huge roadblocks remain."
Electric cars have some issues that need to be resolved.
Electric cars break down easily snd may block traffic on roads.
Electric cars may solve the U.S. government's oil supply problem.
Electric cars and gasoline-powered cars will cause traffic problems.
Why did the author end the selection with the quote below?

" 'The typical car is parked 23 hours a day. You can charge it while you work and while you sleep, 'Lowenthal says."
to tell the reader that people lose a lot of good driving time
to give the reader technical information about vehicles
to show that electric cars are easy to charge and maintain
to persuade the reader to buy charging stations
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