Branding Techniques
by Ross Crabb
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
RO66 branding techniques formative assessment
Design a logo and slogan for Hannah Hughes Photography. Hannah mainly targets female customers and specialises in weddings and engagement photoshoots.
Come up with a short jingle (less than 10 seconds) for a radio advert for Big Burger. Big Burger is a fast-casual restuarant that caters for a teenage demographic with reasonably priced meals and big portions.
BT are looking to seriously step up their challenge to Sky in the premium TV service market aiming at a wealthy demographic. They are looking to re-brand their service using celebrity endorsement. Which celebrity would you suggest they use and why?
Clacton Pier are looking to create a new mascot to help further their brand image as a safe, family friendly and fun venue to visit in Clacton. Can you draw a rough concept for a new character?
Your friend is looking to establish a brand for their new small business. They have a small budget and have no customers at all as yet. Their business is going to be a customisation service where they produce small items (such as notebooks, pens and photo albums) that are personalised. They intend to target a female demographic who have children and an average income. Which branding techniques would you recommend they use and why?

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