Paired Passages: Night Flyer and A Sweet Part of Nature
by Briannah Burrell
| 12 Questions
Note from the author:
STAAR 2018 4th Grade Paired Passage
Use “Night Flyers” (pp. 12–13) to answer questions 13–16. Then fill in the answers on your answer document.
13 The author includes paragraph 2 in the selection most likely to —
A describe some good things that bats do
B share ideas people have about bats
C explain why bats eat so many insects
D persuade people to visit bat caves
14 According to the selection, why are bats having difficulty finding homes?
F Bats need places to hang from while they sleep.
G Bats are bothered by people who explore caves.
H People build on the land where bats once lived.
J People are not building bat houses correctly.
15 Which sentence from the selection expresses an opinion?
A The fertilizer mixes with the soil and makes it richer, which helps plants grow.
B More plants mean more food for people and animals.
C Today there are many people who build homes for bats.
D Giving a bat a home is a great way to help these useful creatures.
16 Which section from the selection describes ways that bats can help people?
F The introductory paragraph
G The section titled “Bat Benefits”
H The section titled “Giving Back to Bats”
J The section titled “Bat Houses”
Use “A Sweet Part of Nature” (pp. 14–15) to answer questions 17–20. Then fill in the answers on your answer document.
17 The author’s purpose for including paragraph 5 in the article most likely is to —
A explain the problems honeybees are experiencing
B state the benefits of taking care of honeybees
C describe ways to care for the honeybee population
D show why honeybees are good to have around
18 What happens when the land where bees live is turned into farmland?
F Honeybees find less pollen and nectar.
G Honeybees catch dangerous diseases.
H Honeybees spread sickness to the plants.
J Honeybees eat too much of the crops.
19 What problem would most likely occur if there were too few honeybees?
A There would be much less healthy food to eat.
B Diseases would spread more quickly.
C There would be more farms where bees once lived.
D More harmful insects would be alive.
20 What is the best summary of the section titled “How Humans Can Help”?
F Beekeepers are people who try to keep bees healthy. Ian Snyder is a student who says this is very important. He participates in a beekeeping program at his school.
G If children want to help honeybees, they should learn about honeybees and the plants that bees like. Many schools offer classes that help students learn about honeybees living in their area.
H Honeybees like plants such as cabbage, sunflowers, and strawberries. People who want to help honeybees should try to grow plants like these.
J Anyone can help honeybees. People can grow plants that honeybees like. They can also build beehives. Some schools are teaching students how to be beekeepers and keep bees healthy.
Use “Night Flyers” and “A Sweet Part of Nature” to answer questions 21–24. Then fill in the answers on your answer document.
21 Based on details in both “Night Flyers” and “A Sweet Part of Nature,” the reader can tell that bats and honeybees are responsible for —
A fewer insects eating crops
B more people starting new farms
C fewer animals getting sick from diseases and viruses
D more food being produced because of pollination
22 The first photograph in “Night Flyers” and the last photograph in “A Sweet Part of Nature” both show that —
F these animals enjoy being near people
G there are more of these animals than people may think
H people are interested in these animals
J it is easy for people to help these animals
23 What is one way that the bats in “Night Flyers” and the honeybees in “A Sweet Part of Nature” are different?
A Bats eat insects, while bees do not.
B Bats spread pollen, while bees do not.
C Bats catch diseases, while bees do not.
D Bats need new houses, while bees do not.
24 Read this sentence from paragraph 2 of “Night Flyers.”

Bats also spread pollen among flowering plants.

Which sentence from “A Sweet Part of Nature” best shows a way that honeybees are similar to bats?
F When people think of bees, they may also think of the sweet taste of the honey that bees make.
G The wildflowers and plants that bees feed on have been replaced with crops, which limits honeybees’ access to nectar and pollen.
H Bees pollinate a wide variety of plants in the United States.
J People can grow flowers and plants that honeybees like, such as cabbage, sunflowers, and strawberries.
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