Welcome To Woodstock
by Abby Ferritto
| 4 Questions
Welcome to Woodstock! 3 days of peace and music

You are one of half a million attendees. Get ready to celebrate freedom and protest the man trying to bring us down. The Vietnam war our brothers are being forced to fight in Vietnam is UNFAIR. What are we fighting for?

Take a look at the righteous lineup, noticing some big names that they'll remember until 2020 and beyond. Then watch some of the performances and respond to the prompts.
Watch this music video and the images depicted. The lyrics are listed below the video. Respond to the question when finished.
What are 4 things that strike you about the crowd? (full sentences)
Imagine that you're attending Woodstock and listening to the this protest song. Why would it make you feel unified with those around you?
This song describes the shooting of protestors at Kent State University in 1970. Why do you think the band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young decided to write about this topic?
Jimmi Hendrix Closes Out Woodstock

1:22-1:35 Bombs dropping, exploding.
1:36-1:40 Distinct sounds of crying and screaming.
1:50-1:53 More bombs being dropped and exploding. 
1:57-2:10 Chaos and the sounds of an ambulance siren. 
2:15-2:28 More bombs.
2:28-2:37 More cries and screams.  (Once more the star sprangled banner sounds)
2:52-3:02 'Taps' the military bugle call is played. 
Do you think music was an effective way for young people at home to protest the war? Explain why or why not in 1 brief paragraph, using text evidence.

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