Culture Assessment
by Timothy La Brie
| 4 Questions
You make a mistake that no one notices. What do you do:
1. Keep quiet about it and hopes it remains unnoticed.
2. Own up because it is OK to make mistakes around here.
3. Dream up a scheme to pin it someone else, preferably a rival for a promotion.
You have an idea that might lead to a new product. You
1. Use workmates and manager as a sounding board for whether it is any good.
2. Start to work it through yourself to see if it is any good.
3. Forget about it
You have an idea which involves collaborating with someone from another department. You
1. Approach the person directly.
2. Go through the proper channels – approach your manager who approaches their manager and so on.
3. Forget about it: inter-departmental politics would get in the way.
People at an organisation-wide event (company day or a project team day out, for example):
1. Stick with folks from their departments.
2. Mingle, and look like they’re enjoying it.
3. Look like they want to be elsewhere. In fact many of them are – they’ve called in sick.
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