Why Do Animals Play?
by Janelle Howell
| 3 Questions
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Functionalized Placeholder
Which definition matches the meaning of "frolic" as it is used in paragraph 3?
to hop around
to find protection
to learn by watching
to walk next to its mother
The word "stalks" in paragraph 4 shows that the lion cub
follows silently
moves quickly
looks around
bends down
Read this sentence from the passage:
"If one youngster plays too rough, the others will let him know they are unahppy with his behavior."
What does this sentence show about the animals?
The older animals introduce the games to the younger ones.
The larnger animals are prevented from wrestling with the smaller ones.
The young animals enforce limits so that their games are safe for all.
The adult animals are nearby to make sure that no one gets hurt.
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