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Common Core Alignment: RI.1-6; W.1, 4, 9; L.1-6
Before you begin planning and writing, you will read two passages. As you read the passages, think about what details from the passages you might use in your argumentative essay.
These are the titles of the texts you will read:
• Cell Phone Carrier Marketing Techniques - An Invasion of Privacy?
• EyeSee You and the Internet of Things: Watching You While You Shop

DIRECTIONS: Closely read both texts and write a source-based argument on the topic below. You may use the scrap paper given to you to plan your response. Type your essay in the space provided.

Only your typed essay will be scored. You must turn in ALL SCRAP PAPER.

TOPIC: Should companies be allowed to track consumers’ shopping or other preferences without their permission?

WRITING TASK: Carefully read each of the texts provided. Then, using evidence from both texts, write a well-developed argument regarding companies being allowed to track consumers’ shopping or other preferences without their permission. Clearly establish your claim, distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims, and use specific, relevant, and sufficient evidence from both of the texts to develop your argument.

Do not simply summarize each text.

Now write your argumentative essay.
Be sure to use information from BOTH passages in your argumentative essay.

Be sure to:
• Introduce your claim.
• Support your claim with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, including facts and details, from the passages.
• Acknowledge and address alternate or opposing claims.
• Organize the reasons and evidence logically.
• Identify the passages by title or number when using details or facts directly from the passages.
• Develop your ideas clearly and use your own words, except when quoting directly from the passages.
• Use appropriate and varied transitions to connect your ideas and to clarify the relationships among claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.
• Establish and maintain a formal style.
• Provide a conclusion that supports the argument presented.
• Check your work for correct usage, grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

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