Lesson 19 Practice
by Jennifer Salloum
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
RCC Lesson 19
What is the central idea of both articles? How are they different from each other?
How does the author's purpose for writing the first article, "Stan Lee and Spider-man," differ from the author's purpose for writing, "The Birth of Spider-Man"?
The first author describes Stan Lee's version of the creation of Spider-Man. The second explains that there are different versions of how Spider-Man was created.
The first author wants readers to understand why Stan Lee is so popular. The second wants readers to understand why Spider-Man is so popular.
The first author wants readers to reflect on Stan Lee's point of view. The second wants readers to reflect on facts about Stan Lee's career.
The first author wants to describe Stan Lee's vision of Spider-Man. The second wants to describe Jack Kirby's vision of Spider-Man.
Part A. What did both authors want the reader to understand about Martin Goodman and the creation of the Spider-Man character?
Martin Goodman headed the team who developed the Spider-Man concept.
Martin Goodman respected Stan Lee's decison as a writer.
Martin Goodman shaped the character to make him effective on the page.
Martin Goodman didn't deserve credit the creation of Spider-Man.
Part B. Which paragraph from "Stan Lee and Spider-Man" best supports the answer in Part A?
Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4
Paragraph 5
What does the phrase "just a touch" mean in Paragraph 3 of the first article?
A phrase that means an immense amount
A phrase that means small amount
A phrase that means something is expensive
A phrase that describes Spider-Man
What is the second author's point of view?
The second author agrees that Stan Lee deserves the credit for the creation of Spider-Man.
The second author disputes that Stan Lee created Spider-Man at all.
The second author believes Spider-Man was created by several different people.
The second author discusses how Stan Lee thought Spider-Man was a terrible idea.
Compare and contrast the way the two authors present information about Spider-Man in these articles. Describe similiarities and differences in: author's purpose, point of view, and the evidence to support their ideas.

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