Countdown to STAAR: Series 1 Page 2
by Courtney Sutton
| 6 Questions
Robert will choose one bingo ball shown below at random.
Which statement is true?
He is more likely to choose a composite number than a prime number.
He is three times as likely to choose a composite number as a prime number.
He is equally likely to choose a composite number or a prime number.
He is twice as likely to choose a prime number as a composite number.
Halima drew the design below using three congruent squares and one circle.
Which measurement is closest to the area of the circle?
50 cm2
136 cm2
36 cm2
150 cm2
The net of a triangular prism is shown below.

What is the total surface area of the prism?
470 cm2
385 cm2
390.5 cm2
342.5 cm2
The table shows the grade level and number of students participating in a dance class after school.
If the dance instructors choose one student at random to assist them, what is the probability the chosen student will not be a seventh grader?

Wyatt had one sack that contained some colored golf balls and another sack that contained different lengths of golf tees. He pulled out one golf ball and one tee at random and recorded the result on a table. He conducted this experiment 8 times with replacement after each trial.

Based on the information in the table, what is the experimental probability of Wyatt pulling out a white ball then a short tee?

Konyi wrote the equation below.

What number makes the equation true?

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