Great Gatsby 7
by Lisa McMullin
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Great Gatsby Chapter 7
Gatsby stops throwing parties because
Daisy didn't like them.
he ran out of money because he spent it all on jewelry for Daisy.
his servants were tired of cleaning up.
Wolfsheim told him to
Gatsby fired all his servants?
because he ran out of money because he spent it all on jewelry for Daisy.
because he didn't want them to gossip because Daisy was visiting him frequently.
because he heard them making fun of Daisy's voice.
because they burned his dinner too many times.
Fitzgerald emphasized the heat so much in this chapter because
it was really hot in his apartment when he wrote this chapter.
he talked about how cold it was in chapter six, and he needed symmetry.
it represents all of the emotion going into the fights.
he wanted his readers to understand that poor people didn't have the luxury of going to a hotel and sipping cool drinks.
Tom lets Gatsby and Daisy drive home together because
he realizes he can't stand in the way of their love.
he has decided that they aren't really having an affair.
he has cut the brakes in Gatsby's car.
he realizes that Daisy is not going to leave him for Gatsby
Myrtle ran out into the road because
she saw the yellow car and thought it was Tom and his wife.
she wanted to hitchhike to Tom's house.
she had killed Tom and needed to escape
the heat had driven her crazy.
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