Nonfiction - Wagoner
by Mitchell Wagoner
| 8 Questions
Read these sentence fragments from paragraph 3:

"Takes comfort in knowing we're on the best route. According to the navigation software, anyway."

The author is implying:
travelers may experience something from a drive that computers can't predict
navigation software has become more reliable
driving in unfamiliar places should make people uncomfortable
uncertainty leads to navigational difficulties
The author's main purpose for writing this article is to --
describe the problems that occur when drivers ignore printed maps in favor of GPS
argue that navigating with printed maps produces a better road-trip experience than using GPS
show that GPS and printed maps complement each other
explain why drivers have so willingly adopted GPS over printed maps
Why does the author include the quotation from Eric Riback in paragraph 7?
To support his own viewpoint that maps enhance travel
To show that map publishers are engaged in creative activities
To establish that a community of map enthusiasts still exists
To explain how maps can act as mementos
Read this quotation from paragraph 4:

"I'm not even going to get into how, in choosing the single most efficient route to your desired destination, GPS excludes other routes and destinations you might not realize you desire to see, and removes serendipity--which as any undergrad with a Penguin Classics edition of On the Road knows, is the very oxygen that makes a roap trip come alive."

In this statement, the author shows that he thinks --

planning a trip in exact detail takes too much time and effort
young people are more adventurous than older, more experienced travelers
it's worthwhile to risk wasting time during a trip in hopes of being surprised
less well-known tourist attractions can be as thrilling as the popular ones
In paragraph 12, the word mettle means--
mastery of language
willingness to chnge
On the advantages of using paper maps, the author's wife is mostly --
Which detail about printed maps is most important to the author's argument?
They are available in fewer places today than they once were
They encourage a driver and a navigator to work together
They are sometimes difficult to read
They can be framed as art
Why does the author being the selection with the words "Call me a fossil?"
To indicate how people often address him
To acknowledge that he is older than most of his readers
To show he understands that his views are considered outdated
To establish that he is used to his beliefs being questioned
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