Mock STAAR - Fiction - A Train Trip - Wagoner
by Mitchell Wagoner
| 6 Questions
What detail is left unresolved at the end of the selection?
Whether the cabin will be secured after Jimmy and his father leave
Whether Jimmy can fully accept his father's authority
Jimmy's feelings about leaving the cabin
The final destination for Jimmy and his father.
The author most likely includes the anecdote about the bat in paragraph 9 in order to develop the theme of --
protecting the natural environment
showing respect for the older generations
cherishing particular memories
gaining personal freedom
Read this sentence from paragraph 26: "The leather of my shoes felt insecure and slippery on the rungs." The author's use of the first-person point of view --
reveals Jimmy's youthful idealism
shows Jimmy's fearless determination
helps the reader understand that Jimmy is unreliable
allows the reader to identify with Jimmy's vulnerability
What is Jimmy's primary dilemma?
He must choose between being obedient to his father and being true to himself.
He must reconcile the difference between his father's cynical worldview and his own beliefs.
He must accept that he has to leave his cabin despite his strong desire to stay.
He must resolve his conflicted feelings about what will happen after he leaves the cabin.
Read the dialogue in paragraphs 11 through 24. When considered with this dialogue, which sentence reveals that Jimmy is hiding his true feelings from his father?
I wished we were just going on a fishing trip and not going away.
I looked all around the kitchen to remember it and I was awfully fond of it.
It was still dark but along the edge of the hills it was lightening.
It was lighter than when I started to climb the ladder and it was cold and very early in the morning.
In paragraph 9, the description of the kitchen serves to --
emphasize the unpleasantness of Jimmy's living conditions
reveal Jimmy's strong emotional attachment to the cabin
show that Jimmy feels lonely in this remote setting
imply that Jimmy hopes his circumstances are improving
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