LEAP Practice Bellringer 3/19/19
by Larhonda Prejean
| 2 Questions
Part A

In the passage from The Georges and the Jewels, how do the father’s actions affect the
narrator’s life?
A. The father’s kindness causes him to carry the narrator into the house after she
falls off the horse.
B. The father’s love of horses causes him to show the narrator how beautiful the
animals are when they walk.
C. The father’s desire to sell horses causes him to quickly place the narrator back on
the horse after she falls.
D. The father’s expectation of obedience causes him to require the narrator to keep
Part B

Circle evidence from the passage from The Georges and the Jewels that best supports
the answer to Part A.
A. “. . . and I did wait for Daddy to come trotting over with that horse . . . .”
(paragraph 2)
B. “. . . and the face of my father, red-cheeked and blue-eyed . . . .” (paragraph 2)
C. “‘Abby? You okay, honey?’” (paragraph 2)
D. “. . . he tossed me on the horse again.” (paragraph 7)
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