The Emperor and the Peasant Boy
by Dawn Hill
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
Journeys Cold Read MC questions
Why was the peasant boy collecting wood?
To sell at the market
To give to the emperor
To clear the field for planting
For his family to use to cook meals
Which pair of words from the story have an opposite meaning?
generous, unwilling
selfish, generous
ordered, refused
share, selfish
If just means fair and reasonable, what does unjust mean in the sentence below:
"Thanks to you," the emperor continued, "I have learned that one of my laws is unjust."
frequently broken
unfair and unreasonable
no longer fair and reasonable
carefully followed by the people
Why does the traveler suggest the boy look for wood in the forest?
He wants to reward the boy.
He wants to get the boy in trouble.
He wants to help the boy find wood.
He wants to see if the boy will break the law.
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