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by Dawn Monroe
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Set your goal for today. Focus on a group goal. (contribute ideas to the group (participate, answer questions), listen respectfully to the ideas of others, encourage others in your group by: being positive, building on what others said, including everyone in the group work, respecting others, using a quiet voice, using names, staying calm, complimenting others, helping others, making eye contact, etc.
Red book page 378 - Do a 1 minute picture walk through the selection. Look at the title, headings and subheadings. Make a prediction. Then predict.... I'm going to read to find out _______. Go around your group and have everyone make a prediction.
Section 1: Read and discuss page 379 - 380
What feelings does the author create with the short, choppy sentences at the start of the second paragraph on p 380?
short, choppy sentences make it easier to read, the author doesn't want to confuse us
short, choppy sentences simulate the tense and nervous mood of the people working on the mission
short, choppy sentences shows us that the crew is happy and excited
short, choppy sentences makes the writing flow
How can you tell that the first paragraph is an introduction that describes the problem in the selection?
A It does not contain quotations
B It has a highlighted word.
C It is set in italic.
D It is shorter than the other paragraphs.
What does the word hovering mean?
A flying away
B staying nearby
C advancing
D threatening
Stop and Think: What is the purpose of the blue square on the moon in photograph on page 380?
A To highlight the craters on the surface of the moon.
B To indicate the location of the close-up photograph.
C To show how large the moon is.
D To show a spot most like Earth's surface.
Section 2: Read and discuss pages 381 - 385. (Stop at page 385 - the PAGE AFTER the Stop and Think question)
Are you listening to others and referencing the text?
The quote at the bottom of page 385 by Charlie Duke conveys...
A a feeling of enormous relief
B a feeling of enormous sadness
C a feeling of extreme excitement
D a feeling of extreme dread
What does the word option mean on page 382?
A Idea
B Commitment
C Choice
D Ability
Stop and Think - read until the end of page 385! On pages 384-385 What effect do the quotes have on the reader?
A It confuses the reader because we don't know who is speaking.
B It makes it more interesting because you feel as if you are there so you feel the intense emotion of the event.
C It makes you sad because it makes you feel like they are going to die.
D It makes you happy because they make it without getting hurt.
Section 3: Read and discuss pages 386 - the end.
Remember to work together as a group. Is everyone getting a chance to speak? Are you building on what others are saying?
Page 387 - paragraph 1 - Why do you think the author includes the technical language (jargon) in John Coursen's quotes about the engineers?
shows that the author is really smart and knows a lot of big, technical words
shows that the author is trying to confuse us
shows that being an engineer is pretty easy if you just try your best
shows that specialized knowledge is needed, offers a glimpse into the jargon-filled world of space exploration; replicates the language you might overhear at mission control
The quotes and pictures on page 388 work together to help the reader understand what?
A significance of a human's first step on the moon
B the danger in walking on the surface of the moon
C impact humans have had on the moon
D future of space travel to come
page 386 - Random means
A unplanned
B uncertainty
C upcoming
D impending
What is the first problem the astronauts overcame?
A lost contact with mission control
B fuel was too heavy for the spacecraft
C fuel was nearly gone before they landed
D temperature and pressure in the fuel line rose
What caused the dangerous rise in temperature and pressure in the fuel line?
A a near empty fuel tank
B the burping of the engine
C a near-empty fuel tank
D a frozen slug of fuel
What is the organization of this selection?
A chronological
B cause - effect
C positive - negative
D compare - contrast
What are the photos and captions in the selection most likely meant to do?
A to provide information about how a lunar module lands on the moon
B to distract the reader from the intensity of the action described in the text
C to highlight portions of the astronauts' experience
D to show the reader what caused the problems the astronauts encountered
page 387 - impending means
A random
B unpredictability
C unplanned
D upcoming
What text feature does the author use on page 386 to show the frantic activity in New York?
A phrases in caps
B words highlighted
C phrases indented and short
D words in bold
How do the subheadings "Almost Empty" and "Frozen Slug" relate to the text that follows?
A They are direct quotes from the astronauts.
B They tell the major problems the astronauts encountered.
C They summarize everything that happened during the mission.
D They describe the mood.
page 386 - uncertainty means
A random
B unpredictiablity
C impendinig
D upcoming
STOP and THINK: The author uses sensory words like gut-wrenching and heart-palpitating. How do these words add to the MOOD of the selection? These words
A add to the tense mood
B add to the relieved mood
C add to the celebratory mood
D add to the determined mood
Great job, now it's time to reflect!
Celebrate: What are your proud of today? Discuss with your group.
What is something new you learned today? Why is it important? Discuss with your group.
Today I encouraged others in my group by: being positive, building on what others said, including everyone in the group work, respecting others, using a quiet voice, staying calm, complimenting others, helping others, making eye contact, etc.
Today, I listened respectfully to the ideas of others.
Today, I contributed ideas to the group (participated, answered questions).
Today my group used the class time well, and we finished our task.
What is your next step? What reading goal do you have for the next time we read and do a goformative? Discuss with your group.
Great job today. Now work on your graphic organizer. It should be easy after answering these questions. :)
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