Listening test on Shakespeare and the Globe
by Roeland Van Rooy
| 18 Questions
Ladies and gentlemen. Watch the movie and answer the questions, but beware: the questions do NOT appear in chronological order, so it is in your advantage to first watch the entire movie first. Sometimes more than one answer should be provided.

1 pt
Approximately how long ago was Shakespeare writing his plays?
1 pt
What was unique about the neighbourhood of Southwark?
It was a wealthy and upperclass neigbourhood
It was outside the grasp of the law so basically everyone could do what they wanted
Shakespeare was born there
1 pt
Why do groundlings pay less?
because they are poor and poor people always had to pay less
because they could get wet because of possible rainfall
because they could only sit in the back-row
because they didn't have chairs or benches to sit on
because they were asked to throw things at actors
because they had to pay for drinks and snacks and the more expensive ticket-owners got it for free
1 pt
Why did Shakespeare build his theatre in Southwark?
because theatres were illegal in the center of London
because a deadly disease was killing too many people in the city
because it was a crowded part of the city, so it was easy to make more money
1 pt
How did Shakespeare express love on the scene?
Mostly he would use lots of words to describe a love scene
Kissing is expressing love, so kissing on stage was common
Boys would only kiss boys
2 pts
Explain in DUTCH how one thought about theatre and poetry in Shakespeare's time.
1 pt
Why were the plays performed in the afternoon?
because people stopped working around noon
because the Globe had a thatched roof
because it was called "the wooden O"
because only the sun could light the stage
because a canon set fire to the roof once
1 pt
Answer in DUTCH. Why would some women cover up their faces when going to the theatre?
1 pt
Why did Shakespeare sometimes insert a dirty joke into his plays?
because the owner of The Globe wants it so, and Shakespeare needed to earn his money
because he wanted the groundlings to boo the bad guys
because most of the audience consisted of not so very intelligent people
because long parts of text are boring and need to be interrupted by humour
1 pt
All of the following are examples of "special effects" used by Shakespeare except for
A cannon to be fired when the play would begin
Big painted sets in the background that helped to audience to imagine the scene
a hole in the floor to let the actors "escape"
a system of ropes that allowed the actors to "fly"
they had a grave on the stage
there was live music
2 pts
What is meant by "scene-painting". Explain in DUTCH and in general (not all the details).
1 pt
The famous balcony of the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet was made of forest trees.
1 pt
Which of the following are NOT types of play that Shakespeare wrote?
een komisch stuk
een geschiedkundig stuk
een thriller
een tragisch stuk
een monoloog
een musical
2 pts
Explain in DUTCH why theatres were closed in 1596. Your own words will do, no literal translations, and the general idea suffices.
1 pt
The audiences at Shakespeare's plays were quite polite, well-educated and well-behaved
1 pt
Why were there no female actors in Shakespeare's plays?
men thought women could not be very talented at acting
It was not decent for women to act in a play and even to watch it
A lot of women of the time could not read, so it was impossible to know the lines
2 pts
Explain the concept of "bear-baiting" in DUTCH (so I know you understood). Your own words will do.
1 pt
Flags were hoisted to inform the audience that the play was about to begin
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