W28 ELA Owl Moon
by Riley Bonis
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
W28 ET
"Put on your thinking cap" literally means wearing a hat will help you think. What does it mean figuratively?
A hat will make you look cool while you learn.
To think seriously about the problem.
Wearing a hat while you do homework will help you get better grades.
What lesson did the little girl learn from going owling with her Pa?
If you go owling, you need to go during the day when it is sunny and bright outside.
Owling is boring and it is not fun at all.
If you are loud and talk when you go owling you will see a lot of owls and the owls will not be scared of all the loud noises.
Hope and patience is important when you go owling because you might not see an owl right away, or you might not see one at all.
What does the author mean when she writes, “The moon made his face into a silver mask?"
The moon and Pa were both wearing a face mask.
The reflection from the moon lit up Pa's face and made it look like a mask.
Pa was wearing a silver face mask.
The sun was shinning bright.
Amelia Bedelia was told is was going to "rain cats and dogs" outside. Did Amelia take this literally or figuratively?
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