NAPLAN Reading- Dear Greg
by Katrina Russell
| 7 Questions
1 pt
Where was Greg's note??
In his room
on the fridge
in the letter box
on the front door
1 pt
The note told Greg his mother was not
not at home
cross with him
washing the dog
in the garden
1 pt
What does Greg have to do in his room?
make it tidy
have a rest
brush the cat
put on his uniform
1 pt
Which step tells Greg to eat some food?
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
1 pt
In which steps does Greg need to look after his pets?
steps 1 and 4
steps 2 and 3
steps 3 and 4
steps 4 and 2
1 pt
What does Greg have to do first?
go outside
go next door
eat afternoon teac
change his clothes
1 pt
Which of these can we tell from the picture?
Greg's dog does not want to be washed.
Greg's mother has a surprise for him
Greg is going to go shopping.
Greg is on his way to school
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