SS 9-1 Struggles Over Slavery
by David Holmes
| 13 Questions
Note from the author:
This quiz covers My World Social Studies Unit 91: Struggles Over Slavery
In 1800, many ____________ lived on plantations, large and self-sustaining farms that usually grew one type of crop.
A - Northerneers
B - Southeners
C - Loyalists
D - Patriots
In 1800, many ____________ lived on plantations, large and self-sustaining farms that usually grew one type of crop.
A - Northerneers
B - Southeners
C - Loyalists
D - Patriots
During the Civil War, who was the Union?
A - A group of abolitionists that tried to keep slavery legal
B - Southern states that stayed part of the nation and fought against the North
C - Northern states that stayed with the nation and fought the South
D - A group of people united to help slaves make it through the Underground Railroad
Someone who believes in states' rights would say which of the following?
A - National laws take are more important than state laws
B - States should only pass laws allowed in the Constitution
C - The national government has no right to tell the states how to operate
D - The national government controls how the states operate
Under the the Missouri Compromise, each side in Congress gave in a little to come to an agreement. This compromise balanced the power of free and slave states in Congress.

Because of the Missouri Compromise, the state of Missouri would be a slave state. What state was allowed to enter as a free state?
A - Maine
B - Nebraska
C - Denmark
D - Kansas
A person who believed in getting rid of slavery was called ______________.

A - a states' rights supporter
B - a fugitive
C - a conductor
D - an abolitionist
What was the Underground Railroad?
A - Railroad tracks that ran East and West
B - An underground tunnel that ran to Canada
C - Secret routes that runaway slaves used to reach freedom
D - A road that returned escaped slaves to the South
Why did Harriet Tubman go back to the south after escaping slavery?
A - To find her owners and get revenge
B - To hunt animals
C - To save and guide other slaves to freedom
D - To visit family and friends
What is secession?

A - When a territory joins a country as a state
B - When a state is successful
C - A state that stays with a country
D - When a state that separates from it's country for freedom
What line separated the North from the South ?
A - Mason Dixon Line
B - Line of Demarcation
C - Underground Railroad
D - The Appalachain Mountains Line
South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas seceded, or left, the United States to form the:
A - Republic of Texas
B - United American Slave States
C - Confederate States of America
D - The Union
This law forced northern states to return escaped slaves to their masters in the south:
A - Missouri Comprise
B - Fugitive Slave Laws
C - Kansas-Nebraska Act
D - Manifest Destny
Bonus! Who said this:
" "A house divided against itself cannot stand." believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other."
A - Jefferson Davis
B - David Jefferson
C - Abraham Lincoln
D - Stephen Douglas
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