House of the Scorpion Chapter 2
by Zacahary Puente
| 3 Questions
"Matt had watched children on television. He saw that they were seldom alone."

In this sentence the word seldom means rarely.

What does Matt’s observation suggest?
Select two options
It suggests that he feels lonely.
It suggests that he watches too much television and has an unreal expectation.
It suggests that he is not living the life of a normal child.
It suggests that he enjoys his time alone most of the time.
“Benito is like his father, which means he’s a dog in human clothing.”

Sometimes people say one thing and mean another.

What does this sentence suggest about Celia‘s viewpoint?
She believes that Benito is really a dog in human clothing.
She believes that Benito is furry and likes to go for walks.
She believes that Benito is horrible person just like his father.
Benito often wears disguises and costumes.
What is Celia's impression of the kids in the Big House? Use examples from page 12 in your response.
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