U4W5 Listening Comp
by Fairlight Lieber
| 4 Questions
1 pt
What does the author compare the birds to?
a tree
funny, flying hats
a broken spoke
scrambled yolks
2 pts
What words rhyme with eight? Mark all that apply.
2 pts
This selection has many alliterations in it. An alliteration is when two or more words start with the same sound. Mark all the examples from the text below that are alliterations.
scattered seed
funny, flying hats
buttery face
cinnamon, sugar smile
1 pt
What genre is the selection "My Grandpa"?
Poetry-a selection that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the author by using figurative language such as alliteration or simile.
Fantasy-a story with characters, settings, or events that couldn't exist in real life.
Expository Text-gives facts and information about a topic and has text features such as headings and subheadings.
Biography-a selection that gives facts and information about a person.
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