Master of the Bear Hunt (2)
by Wendy Fishler
| 8 Questions
1 pt
What is the main conflict for this passage?
A - character vs. character
B - character vs. self
C - character vs. nature
D - character vs. society
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What genre is the story Master of the Bear Hunt?
A - historical fiction, because it takes place in the past
B - fantasy, because the story includes animals
C - biography, because it is not written by Davy Crockett
D - tall tale, because the autor uses exaggeration

1 pt
In paragraph 1, what words help you determine the meaning of prowess -
A - skill as a hunter
B - many a tale
C - east of the Mississippi
D - some folks said
1 pt
Look at the chart. It shows a cause-and-effect relationship
_________________________________________________________ - Davy's son climbed up the nearest tree
(cause) (effect)

What belongs in the space marked effect?
A - The hound took off after the cubs.
B - Davy pointed out the bears to his son
C - The mother bear charged Davy and his son.
D - Davy noticed a mother bear with two cubs passing.
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What is the meaning of the word lumber in paragraph 5
A - Timber sawed or split into planks, boards, etc.
B - To move in a light, springy manner by bounding forward with alternate hops on each foot.
C - To move clumsily or heavily, especially from great or ponderous bulk
D - To spring clear of the ground or other support by a sudden muscular effort; leap:
1 pt
The tone of this passage is light-hearted through use of humor and hyperbole. Which of the following words is an synonym for light-hearted?
A - Serious and critical
B - Humorous and whimsical
C - Melancholy and sad
D - Crazy and silly
1 pt
What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A - To analyze Davy Crockett's hunting prowess.
B - To make a statement about the importance of the setting.
C - To introduce the reader to the bears that Davy Crockett hunted.
D - To provide evidence of Davy Crockett's reputation among the bears
1 pt
What does paragraph 2 tell us about Davy Crockett?
A - He is serious about his hunting.
B - He enjoys talking to bears.
C - He has a careful plan when hunting.
D - He has a good sense of humor.
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