Grade 5- Perfect Verb Tenses (L.1.1c)
by Elementary Literacy Curriculum Administrator
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Read the text below and then answer numbers 1-5.
Directions: Choose the correct word or phrase for each of the following.
1 pt
When she got there, she has noticed that she forgot to bring her ticket.
A had noticed
B will have notice
C have noticed
D correct as is
1 pt
Caleb will have ridden the Twisting Tornado 20 times after this weekend’s trip.
A has ridden
B had ridden
C have ridden
D correct as is
1 pt
They will have created many pieces of art to share with their parents, friends, and the public.
A had created
B have created
C has created
D correct as is
1 pt
They had won for most creative piece of art!
A has won
B will have won
C have won
D correct as is
1 pt
By next week, they will created 10 more pieces of art!
A has created
B will create
C will have created
D correct as is
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