Independent Work 2/14
by Suzell Santos
| 8 Questions
1 pt
Nick has $20. He wants to buy as many car toys as he can. Each car cost $3. How many cars can Nick buy?
A. 6 toy cars
B. 7 toy cars
C. 17 toy cars
D. 23 toy cars
1 pt
Round 394, 294 to the nearest thousand.
1 pt
Find the product of 83 x 56.
A. 903
B. 4,638
C. 4,648
D. 5,295
1 pt
Gabriella collected 68 trading cards. She shared them equally among 4 friends. How many cards did she give each of her friends?
1 pt
Three girls and 4 boys went to an amusement park. The total cost for the groups was $189. What was the cost of admission for each person?
1 pt
There are 4,800 plastic spoons in a case. There are 6 boxes of spoons in each case. How many spoons are in each box?
1 pt
Carmen wants to read a set of 6 books by the same author.  Each book has 192 pages.  About how many pages will Carmen read if she reads all six books?
1 pt
Mrs. Rusk is setting up tables for a party.  She can seat 8 people at each table.  There will be 115 adults and 35 children at the party.  How many tables will Mrs. Rusk need?
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