EEI California Indian People and Management of Natural Resources
by Karen McKelvey
| 14 Questions
Note from the author:
Traditiona assessment for EEI unit: California Indians Peoples and Management of Natural Resources
2 pts
The natural regions had ___________________ that California Indians needed.
A fire
B food
C resources
D reservations
2 pts
In which of these natural regions would California Indians have gathered shells?
A the coast
B the desert
C the grasslands
D the alpine meadow
2 pts
__________________________ were traded MOST by California Indians.
A shell necklaces
B food
C canoes
D fire
2 pts
In which tribal region did California Indians build houses out of redwood?
A Eastern Tribal Region
B South Central Tribal Region
C Southwest Tribal Region
D Northwest Tribal Region
2 pts
Which resource used by California Indians would not have come from a river area?
A willow tree
B fire
C water
D fish
2 pts
All California Indian cultures made _____________?
A deerskin
B pine nuts
C baskets
D kutsavi
2 pts
Which is one way California Indians changed the way plants grew?
A coppicing
B winnowing
C weaving
D hunting
2 pts
Why did California Indians burn the land?
A to send messages to other tribes
B to help them get more and better resources
C to chase away all the animals from a place
D to celebrate a good harvest
2 pts
Many California Indians long ago believed that ___________________.
A animals had special powers or were related to the people
B all the animals and people had come from the oceans
C any resource the people used belonged to Coyote
D an eagle had created the land and the water around them
1 pt
Read the question and write a short answer. (5 points each)

Name one animal and one plant used by the California Indians and tell how the animal and the plant were used.
Animal ____________________________
Used for: _________________________

Plant: ______________________________________
Used for: __________________________________
5 pts
You are a California Indian living in a grassland. What are TWO reasons for burning the grassland. Be sure to explain your reasons.

5 pts
You are a California Indian living in the Northeast Tribal Region. Why would you want to trade with people from other regions? (5 points)

5 pts
Choose one legend told by the California Indians a long time ago. Tell what this legends tells you about the beliefs and customs of this tribe?

2 pts
Name two ways the California Indians got the resources they needed from the region in which they lived?

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