Sound Waves and Hearing
by Paula Burkhart
| 4 Questions
A large explosion can damage a person's hearing. What causes this damage?
Heat from the explosion burns the eardrum.
The explosion triggers smaller explosions inside the ear.
Transverse waves from the explosion cause vibrations that damage the ear.
Compression waves from the explosion cause vibrations that damage the ear.
When sound waves move through a medium, in what direction do the particles in the medium move?
The particles always move side to side
The particles always move up and down
The particles always move in the same direction as the wave
The particles always move perpendicular to the direction of the wave
What role does the inner ear play in hearing sounds?
It blocks out unwanted sounds.
It converts vibrations into electrical signals
It helps detemine if a sound is in front of or behind you
It reflects high and low frequencies back to their source
What property of a wvae changes to create the Doppler effect?
its speed
its medium
its amplitude
its frequency
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