8th Grade Release Test NC.M1.F-IF.2, NC.M1.CED.2,
by Damita Terry
| 5 Questions
A function is shown below.

g(x) = 19.60 + 1.74x

What is the value of g(30)?

Suppose that the function f(x) = 2x + 12 represents the cost to rent x movies a month from an internet movie club. Makayla now has $10. How many more dollars does Makayla need to rent 7 movies next
Jerami is going to deposit an equal amount of money into a checking account each month until he has saved $2,000. The amount of money, y, in the account after x months can be modeled by the equation y = 35x + 250.

What does the slope of the graph of the equation represent?
A The amount of money deposited monthly
B The amount of money originally in the account
C The number of months it would take to earn $250
D The number of months it would take to reach $2,000
Which equation represents the line passing through the points (3, 2) and (–9, 6)?
A x – 3y = 9
B x + 3y = 9
C 3x y = -9
D 3x + y = 9
There are three consecutive integers such that the sum of the two smallest integers is 17 less than three times the largest. What is the smallest integer?
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