I'm in 4th grade now! How do I learn best?
by Jan Rescia
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Personal learning styles discovery for 4th Graders
1. When you read or listen to a story being read, do you:
A. see pictures in your mind of what is happening
B. feel how the characters feel
C. just listen
If you were given a bag of different colored marbles, what would you like to do with them:
A. sort them by colors
B. count them
C. make up a game and play it
If you were given a plain white piece of paper and a pencil, markers, glue, and scissors, would you:
A. write a story
B. draw and color a picture
C. fold the paper into an airplane
What would you more likely choose to do if you had free time:
A. read a book
B. play outside
C. practice or play a musical instrument
If you knew a game that you wanted to teach a friend, how would you do it:
A. tell him
B. show him by playing it
C. read the rules to him
You need to tell a new student at school where the lunch room is. How do you do it?
A. tell him the directions
B. draw a map on paper
C. show him by going with him
When your teacher is teaching your class something new, do you like your teacher to:
A. show a movie about it
B. talk about it
C. take you on a field trip to learn about it
You have to do a project for Social Studies class and present it to your class. What would you choose:
A. write about the topic and read it to the class
B. make an iMovie or power point presentation with music and show it to the class
C. make a poster with pictures and words to present to the class
When you play a game with friends and you lose the game, what do you usually do?
A. feel badly about yourself

B. congratulate others for winning
C. tell yourself it is only a game and you might win next time
Which class in school do you like best?
A. math
B. reading and writing
C. Science
D. Art
E. PE (gym)
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