Learing to Ride - 1RL3
by Randi Langley
| 4 Questions
1 pt
Learning to Ride

Carly wanted to play with the big kids. There was just one problem. Her brother said she couldn't play with them unless she knew how to ride a bike. So Carly told her brother she would try. Carly rode her bike every single day in the park. She couldn't ride for more than a few seconds. She would not give up though. She worked for two weeks on riding her bike. Finally, she told her brother she was ready. He said she could come riding with them today!

Who are the characters?
Carly and her brother
Mrs. Langley
Carly's sister
1 pt
What is the setting?
1 pt
What is the character's problem?
Carly didn't know her math facts.
Carly was mean to her brother.
Carly couldn't ride her bike so she couldn't play with her brother.
1 pt
How does the character solve the problem?
She gives her brother some money.
She works hard and learns to ride her bike.
She gives up.
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