SS8H8c Describe Eugene Talmadge's opposition to the New Deal Program.
by Jerry Zhou
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Note from the author:
Georgia Studies
What United States president's polices are blamed for the Great Depression?
A. Dwight Eisenhower
B. Herbert Hoover
C. Fraklin D. Roosevelt
D. Harry Truman
Laissez-faire policies of the U.S. government helped bring about the depression because
A. overextending trade agreements.
B. giving businesses too many loans
C. encouraging people to invest in the stock market.
D. not doing anything to help solve the country's economic problems.

Georgians did not feel the impact of the stock market crash because
A. the state was already in depression.
B. banks were protected by state insurance.
C. citzens had little money invested in the stock market.
D. the state consitution prohibited investing tax dollars in the stock market.
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