by Jerry Zhou
| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
Georgia Studies
Why did farmers only grow cotton?
A. It was a felony if they didn't only grow cotton.
B. It was the most profitable.
C. It was the only thing tht coul've been exported.
D. It was the most benefical to the soil.
Why was boll weevil so devastating to farmers?
A. It carried dieseases that would destroy farmland.
B. Because cotton was the only thing farmers grew, and the boll weevil lays eggs on the cotton which is vey deadly for cotton.
C. When the boll weevil laied eggs in water, the water became poisonous and can't be used for farming. Which later caused all the crops to be dried out.
When did the severe drought take place?
A. 1924-1927
B. 1925-1928
C. 1923-1926
D. 1926-1929
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