Antibiotic Resistance
by Lindsey Turner
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
TedEd Antibiotic Resistance
For the assignment below you much watch the embeded TedEd video on antibiotic resistance. Answer the the checkpoint questions within the video AND answer the 4 questions on this page.

GOOD answers will include proper use of appropriate vocabulary and complete sentences.
The outlined content above was added from outside of Formative.
How do antibiotics kill/neutralize bacteria?
Why has antibiotic resistance developed quickly in hospitals?
Observe the graph below. Explain what is occurring over time to the population of MRSA.
(a good answer includes use of appropriate vocabulary).

In addition to bacteria and antibiotics, weeds can develop resistance to herbicides, and insect pests can develop resistance to pesticides. The graph below shows the rise of superweeds over the past 20 years. Explain what is causing the rise of the “superweeds”.

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