Unit 8 Quick Quiz
by Arielle Book
| 6 Questions
1 pt
Which one of these men was not involved in the Three Governors Controversy?
Eugene Talmadge
Melvin Thompson
Jimmy Carter
Ellis Arnall
1 pt
In what event were blacks not allowed to vote?
1 pt
Who died before he could become governor?
1 pt
What did Herman Talmadge do to get into the governors office?
Changed the locks
Wrote his name on the ballot
Killed his dad
Set up office in the information center
1 pt
Why was the flag of 1956 considered racist?
It was white and red
It had a KKK logo on it
It had the confederate flag on part of it
It had the union flag on part of it
1 pt
What was King's stragegy for social change?
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