Winn-Dixie Ch. 25-26
by Jennifer Ramos-Stuber
| 10 Questions
Where had Winn-Dixie gone during the storm?
A. He ran into town.
B. He hid under Gloria's bed.
C. He had been hit by a car.
D. He was hiding under the bottle tree.
How did Opal's friends find Winn-Dixie?
A. They heard a sneeze.
B. They saw Winn-Dixie run past them.
C. They heard Winn-Dixie whimper and howl.
D. They heard a bark.
What cause Otis to look "all lit up from the inside" in chapter 25?
A. They found Winn-Dixie.
B. People enjoyed the party.
C. His pickles were not ruined.
D. Gloria said he had gift for music because he learned how to play new songs so quickly.
Why does Opal say her heart is now full of pure happiness?
A. She found Winn-Dixie.
B. The Dewberry boys are not mean to her anymore.
C. She has made lots of great friends and they are all having fun together at the party.
D. The preacher is going to tell Opal more things about her mom.
Which of these events did NOT happen because of Winn-Dixie?
A. Opal met Gloria dump.
B. Opal got a job at Gertrude's Pets.
C. There were lots of thunderstorms during that summer.
D. Miss Franny told Opal the story about a time a bear came into her library.
Read the following sentence.

"He's asleep, " she said. "He's plumb wore out."

What does the word plumb mean in the sentence above?
A. old
B. extremely
C. smart
D. mad
In chapter 26, Opal goes to the back of Gloria Dump's yard to talk to someone. Who does she talk to?
A. her mom
B. God
C. Amanda Wilkinson
D. the preacher
Whaat did Miss Franny pass around to everyone?
A. pickles
B. egg salad sandwiches
C. Littmus Lozenges
D. Dump punch
Read the following sentences.

And then I remembered my own tree...and when I found it, I was surprised at how much it had grown. It was still small. It still loooked more like a plant than a tree, but the leaves and the branches felt real strong and good and right.

How does this tree represent Opal at the end of the book?
A. Opal has grown taller just like the tree has grown taller.
B. Opal has grown as a person.
C. Opal needs water just like the tree needs water.
D. Opal has become independent.
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