Winn-Dixie Ch. 23-24
| 10 Questions
Read the following sentence.

Miss Franny was so teetery in her high heels that the rain would have knocked her right over if Amanda hadn't held on to her.

Which word is a synonym for teetery?
A. stable
B. steady
C. careful
D. unsteady
As everyone ran inside, to get out of the rain and thunder, what did Opal realize she had forgotten?
A. She forgot to bring in the pickle jar.
B. She forgot to protect Winn-Dixie from the thunder.
C. She forgot to help Gloria Dump with the sandwiches.
D. She forgot the party decorations.
What was the biggest problem in chapter 23?
A. The sudden thunderstorm ruined all the food.
B. All fo the party decorations got wet.
C. Opal could not find Winn-Dixie.
D. Opal had to stop to greet the Dewberry boys when they arrived.
Gloria Dump said to Opal, "There ain't no way you can hold on to something that wants to go, you understand? You can only love what you got while you got it." Who was she talking about?
A. Winn-Dixie
B. Miss Franny Block
C. Her friends in Watley
D. The preacher
Why did Sweetie Pie say Winn-Dixie wasn't lost?
A. He was outside under the bottle tree.
B. He was too smart to get lost.
C. He was in the kitchen.
D. He had gone back to Opal's trailer.
Opal listed 10 things about Winn-Dixie to put on a poster. Which thing is NOT true about Winn-Dixie?
A. He had a pathological fear of storms.
B. He liked eating peanut butter.
C. He did not like going to church.
D. He snored.
What makes Opal angry in chapter 24?
A. Opal thinks the preacher gives up trying to get Winn-Dixie back, the same way he gave up on trying to get her mom back.
B. It keeps raining while they look for Winn-Dixie.
C. They can't find Winn-Dixie.
D. They get lost.
Who went to look for Winn-Dixie with Opal?
A. Otis
B. Miss Franny
C. The Dewberry boys
D. The preacher
In chapter 24, what causes Opal to stop yelling at the preacher?
A. They find Winn-Dixie.
B. It stops raining.
C. He says how he tried to keep Opal's mother from leaving and starts to cry.
D. He agrees to keep looking for Winn-Dixie.
In chapter 24, the preacehr told Opal her mom had left one thing. What was the one thing she had left behind?
A. Opal
B. photographs
C. Winn-Dixie
D. a note
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