Winn-Dixie Ch. 21-22
by Jennifer Ramos-Stuber
| 10 Questions
Why do you think Otis did not want to come to the party?
A. He was afraid of Gloria being a witch.
B. He is shy and doesn't like being around new people.
C. He was afraid they wouldn't serve pickles.
D. He was tired of spending time with Opal.
What did Opal and Gloria serve to eat at the party?
A. cake and ice cream
B. pizza and peanut butter sandwiches
C. egg salad sandwiches and punch
D. hamburgers and hot dogs
Which is NOT a decoration used for Opal's party?
A. sand bags with candles
B. balloons
C. pictures of dogs
D. crepe paper
How does Otis probably feel when he arrives at the party?
A. excited
B. joyful
C. nervous
D. frustrated
How does Opal help Otis feel more comfortable when he arrives at the party?
A. She shows Otis where the food is.
B. She introduces him to all the other guests.
C. She helps him carry his big jar of pickles.
D. She tells him to play his guitar.
Why did Opal stand close to Amanda Wilkinson and why was she extra nice to her?
A. She was worried Amanda would be mean to someone.
B. Amanda asked her to stand close by.
C. Opal felt very sorry for Amanda's loss, and wanted to show her through her actions, not words.
D. She didn't want Amanda to leave the party early.
Why did Opal think the Dewberry boys would not come to the party?
A. They do not like Opal.
B. They are afraid that Gloria is a witch.
C. They forgot what time it started.
D. She forgot to invite them.
What was the weather like on the night of the party?
A. hot and sunny
B. cold and windy
C. snowy and cold
D. rainy with thunder
What did Opal mistake for a growl in Winn-Dixie's stomach?
A. thunder
B. a belch
C. wind
D. music
Read the following sentences.

Finally, he ended up bending over and setting the jar down on the ground. But when he did that, his guitar slid forwrd and hit him in the head with a little boing sound.

What type of figurative language is the word boing?
A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
D. onomatopoeia
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