Predicting Non-Fiction
by Cora Leid
| 10 Questions
As A Snake Grows

When you get bigger, your whole body grows, including your skin. When a snake gets bigger, its skin does not grown. A snake has to grow new skin each time it gets larger. When a snake is ready for its new skin, it must first shed the old skin. A snake will usually crawl between a narrow, or tight, place. This will help the old skin come off. Once the old skin is off, The new skin underneath can be seen.

A snake crawls into a small space between two rocks. What will probably happen next?
A. The snake will begin to grow.
B. The snake will look for food.
C. The snake's new skin will be seen
D. The snake will shed its old skin.
Predict what will happen when a snake grows to be as large as it will ever be.
A. The snake will probably still shed its skin
B. The snake will die
C. The snake will grow legs
D. The snake will stop moving

Owls are large birds. Owls sleep during the day and are awake during the night. Owls like to live in tall trees or
barns. Owls are different from other birds. Owls do not look for worms or berries to eat. Owls are called birds of
prey. This means that owls hunt for their food. Owls like to eat small animals. They are carnivores.
What would an owl dow the next time it was hungry?
A. Look for a tall tree
B. Look for berries
C. Look for worms
D. Look for a mouse
Which detail from the story helps you make your prediction about what owls eat?
A. Owls are carnivores.
B. Owls like to eat small animals
C. Owls like to live in tall trees or barns.
D. Owls sleep during the day and are awake at night.
Spending Time With Books

Anna and Will went to the library. "I want to find a book about planes," said Will.
"I want to find a book about panda bears," said Anna. The two friends went to look for their
books. Will was reading about jets when he saw Anna standing by a large bookcase. Her head was
down and she wasn't holding any books. "Did you find your book?" asked Will. "No," said Anna.
"I can't find any books about panda bears." "There's a woman behind the desk over there. Why don't
you ask her to help you," said will.
What do you think will happen next?
A. Anna will ask Will to help her.
B. Anna will look for a book about planes.
C. Anna will ask the woman for help.
D. Anna will not look for a panda book anymore.
Where did you find clues to help you make your prediction?
A. In the things Will said
B. In the details that tell you about the book that Will was reading
C. In the title.
D. In the details that tell where Anna was standing.
Which word has the same vowel sound as toe?
A. cool
B. dog
C. cake
D. soap
Which two words are homophones?
A. bake, cake
B. bowl, bow
C. waste, waist
D. yell, shout
What is the root word of unbelievable?
A. un
B. able
C. believe
D. be
The ballerina was very graceful as she danced across the stage.
What is the antonym of graceful?
A. Awkward
B. Beautiful
C. Lovely
D. Bubbly
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