Winn-Dixie Ch. 19-20
by Jennifer Ramos-Stuber
| 10 Questions
What did Otis say the Littmus Lozenge tasted like?
A. happiness
B. like being in jail
C. missing his family
D. working at Gertrude's Pets
While Opal was working at the pet store in chapter 19, why did she sweet the floor very slowly?
A. She was afraid of Otis since he had been to jail.
B. She hoped Otis would tell her more about being in jail.
C. She wanted to earn more money for the dog collar.
D. She wanted to keep Otis company so he would not feel lonely.
Why did Otis go to jail?
A. He robbed a bank.
B. He stole something from the grocery store Winn-Dixie.
C. He would play his music on the streets, which was against the law.
D. He mistreated some animals at Gertrude's Pets.
What happened when the cops tried to put handcuffs on Otis?
A. Otis continued to play is guitar.
B. The cops asked Otis to stop playing his guitar.
C. Otis punched a cop.
D. He was taken to jail.
In chapter 19, how does the author show that Otis was ready to explain his background to Opal?
A. He sucked on is candy and stared down at his pointy-toed boots.
B. Otis was standing where Opal left him when she went to get the broom, still staring at his feet.
C. He said that the music is better is someone is listening to it.
D. He looked at Opal real quick and then back at is boots.
Why did Gloria Dump laugh when Opal told her the reason why Otis went to jail?
A. Gloria thinks Otis plays funny songs.
B. Gloria did not hear Opal correctly.
C. Gloria is relieved that Otis is not a dangerous criminal.
D. Gloria does not like Otis, so she enjoyed hearing that he was in jail.
In chapter 20, which of the following characters demonstrated a change in their character when Opal invited him/her to the party?
A. Amanda Wilkinson, Otis, and Dunlap Dewberry
B. Sweetie Pie and Otis
C. The Dewberry Boys and Sweetie Pie
D. Amanda Wilkinson and Sweetie Pie
What did Opal and Gloria decide to do to help cheer everyone up?
A. Have a Halloween party
B. Have a dog party
C. Have a birthday party
D. Have a pool party
How did Opal convince Otis to attend the party?
A. She gave him extra candy.
B. She lied to him about the party.
C. She told him he could bring a friend to feel more comfortable.
D. She offered to work a week for free at the pet shop.
What gave Opal the idea to have a big party at Gloria's house?
A. She did the same thing at her old house in Watley.
B. She thought about how Otis was really lonely.
C. She thought about how Amanda must miss her brother.
D. She read about a character in "Gone With the Wind" who was looking forward to a big barbecue with music and food.
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