Losing His Way on the Trail (2)
by Wendy Fishler
| 8 Questions
What is the resolution to the story?
A - Justin found his friends.
B - Justin followed Officer Kent's advice and went to find his friends.
C - Justin studied the trail map.
D - Justin got lost on the fork in the trail.
Why is the character Officer Kent important to the story?
A - She stands by her station on the main trail
B - She helps Justin solve his problem
C - She is impressed with how skillfully Justin rides
D - She has a map that shows the different paths
Which event shows that Justin is being CONFIDENT?
A - Justin bothered Joanna to let him be the leader
B - Justin was suddenly aware that he was alone.
C - Justin wondered where everyone was.
D - Justin skidded to one side and stopped.
Which definition or SOARED is used in the following sentence:

Officer Kent, the trail guide, stood by her station on the main trail that SOARED up toward the cliffs.
A - to fly upward
B - to fly at a great height
C - to glide along at a height
D - to rise or ascend to a height
Why is Justin leading the group?
A - Joanna thought that Justin was the best choice to be the leader.
B - Justin knew the trails better than the others in the group.
C - Justin pestered Joanna until she allowed him to be the leader.
D - Justin was the best biker in the group.
In paragraph 4, the word LEDGE means -
A - part of a bike
B - type of path
C - shelf made of rock
D - out-of-bounds
How did Justin change from the beginning to the end of the story?
A - excited - scared
B - excited - humble
C - confident - scared
D - confident - humble
Which of these is MOST likey to happen then next time the friends go on a bike ride?
A - Justin will bother Joanna until she allows him to be the leader again.
B - Justin will not join his friends because he is embarassed.
C - Justin will allow Joanna to lead the group because she is more experienced.
D - Justin will ask Officer Kent where they should ride.
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