Losing His Way on the Trail (1)
by Wendy Fishler
| 8 Questions
1 pt
What is the main problem in the story?
A - Justin is stopped for riding recklessly on the bike trails.
B - Justin can't find the cave where he is supposed to meet his friends.
C - Justin has lost the group he was supposed to be leading.
D - Justin is riding a trail that is out-of-bounds for bikers.
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Why is the fork in the trail important to the story?
A - It is a place where the bikers can take a break.
B - It represents an important choice Justin must make.
C - It is the place where Justin lost track of his friends.
D - It shows that Justin didn't pay much attention to the trails he was on.
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Which event shows that Justin is beginning to feel humbled?
A - Justin skillfully skids to a stop.
B - Justin realizes he shouldn't have left his friends behind.
C - Justin realizes he is alone on the bike trail.
D - Justin thanks Officer kent for her help.
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Which definition or REASONABLE is used in the following sentence:

Justin thanked Officer Kent for her help. She smiled as he pedaled away at a much more REASONABLE pace.
A - sensible and capable of making rational judgments
B - acceptable and according to common sense
C - not expecting or demanding more than is possible
D - to make someone aware of possible danger or difficulty
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What is the purpose of paragraph 2?
A - It tells how many bikers are in Justin's group.
B - It tells where the bikers were supposed to meet.
C - It explains why Justin is leading the group.
D - It describes the trail Justin is riding.
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In paragraph 10, the word MERGE means -
A - next to
B - cross over
C - come together
D - curve to one side
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What changed about Justin at the end of the story?
A - His desire to explore a cave
B - His willingness to ride the trails
C - His friendship with Joanna
D - His attitude toward being a leader
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Which of these is MOST likey to happen if Justin doesn't find his friends?
A - He'll head for the cave trail instead.
B - He'll try to find them on his own rather than face more embarrassment.
C - He'll return to Officer Kent's station and ask for help.
D - He'll return home wondering why his friends didn't stay closer.
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