Caroline's Incredible Pizza (2)
by Wendy Fishler
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
SOL Practice and Mastery
What words in Step 3 help you figure out what a FOOD PROCESSOR is?
A - yeast and water
B - flour and spoon
C - combine and mixture
D - pulse and blended
Based on the information in the recipe, which of the following relationships is MOST similar to the relationship below?

A - Noodles : Slippery
B - Kick : Ball
C - Water : Cold
D - Freezer : Ice Cream
What would MOST LIKELY happen if in Step 7 you forgot to sprinkle some flour on the clean counter?
A - The dough would be dry
B - The dough would taste funny
C - The dough would stick to the counter
D - The dough would not rise
What type of Organizational Pattern is used in the DIRECTIONS of the recipe?
A - Description
B - Enumeration
C - Generalization
D - Sequence
Which question does STEP 5 answer?
A - What should I use to measure the olive oil?
B - How much plastic wrap should I use?
C - What should I use to cover the bowl once the dough is placed in it?
D - How many times should I punch the dough down?
What is the MOST LIKELY reason the following hints wold be included in the recipe?

HINT: Be sure to keep your fingers away from the blades of the food processor.
HINT: Always use mitts to remove hot pans from an oven.
A - To keep food processor's from breaking
B - To help people who are afraid of cooking
C - To prevent accidents
D - To keep pans from getting scratched in the oven
Which sentence is the BEST summary for Step 8?
A - Add the desired amount of cheese and any toppings you have prepared.
B - Cover the dough with sauce, add toppings, then bake until it is done.
C - Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until the crust is lightly browned and cheese is bubbly.
D - Cover the dough with sauce, spreaing out to the edges.
If you wanted to find the location of the city in Italy where Pizza was first made, you should consult -
A - a thesaurus
B - an atlas
C - the glossary of the cookbook
D - an online dictionary
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