Caroline's Incredible Pizza (1)
by Wendy Fishler
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
SOL Practice and Mastery
Which definition of the word 'PULSE' is used in Step 3?
A - the beating of blood pumped through arteries
B - a beat or throb
C - switch on and off quickly, several times
D - create an electromagnetic wave
Based on information in the recipe, which of the following relationships is MOST similar to the relationship below?
Dough : Rise
A - Water : Lemon Juice
B - River : Flow
C - Ice Cubes : Freezer
D - Noodles : Warm Broth
What would most likely happen if in Step 5 you forgot to wipe the bowl with oil?
A - The dough would be too dry
B - The dough would stick to the bowl
C - The dough would not rise
D - The dough would taste funny
Which pair of steps can be switched in order without affecting the outcome?
A - Steps 1 and 2
B - Steps 2 and 3
C - Steps 3 and 4
D - Steps 4 and 5
Which question does Step 6 answer?
A - How long will it take to preheat my oven?
B - What should I do if the dough gets too sticky?
C - Where should I let the dough rise?
D - At what temperature should I cook the pizza?
What is the MOST LIKELY reason the hints are included in this recipe?
A - To prevent accidents
B - To keep the dough from getting tough
C - To help inexperienced cooks
D - to ensure the dough will not be sticky
Which sentence is the BEST summary for Step 7?
A - The dough must be kneaded on a floured surface, then rolled or stretched into shape and placed on an oiled cookie sheet.
B - Kneading is the process ofusing the heels and palms of your hands to fold, press, and stretch dough.
C - Dough can either be rolled into the desired shape witha rolling pin or stretched with your hands.
D - Place dough on floured surface and then knead with the heels and palms of your hands.
If you wanted to learn more about the names and meanings of cooking terms, which of these sources would be MOST helpful?
A - Thesaurus
B - Glossary of a cookbook
C - Online dictionary
D - List of commonly misspelled words
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